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Founded in 1835, Oglethorpe is Atlanta’s leading liberal arts and sciences university, renowned for its groundbreaking Core program
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My only question/concern is, has the paint chipped away or what if you are caught in the rain,,,is there a fixative medium that you recommend to add on top of the clear top coat….Thanks
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DEM DEUTSCHEN VOLKE (To the German People)fabricated out of melted-down French cannons from the Napoleonic
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Current Texas law already requires most women to make a separate trip to the clinic for a state-mandated ultrasound prior to their abortion procedure
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The second step when deciding to lease or buy a car for a business in Canada is to calculate the maximum amount of the cost of the car that you can depreciate for tax purposes
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More than half the funding -- $413,200 – is going to collect household hazardous wastes
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But this is trivial: we easily forget that the Authorised Version of the Bible talks of ”piss’ (2Kng 18:27; Isa 36:12; 1Sam 25:22, etc’, etc.)
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In the early twentieth century, scalp over-activity of the scalp muscles was blamed for causing headaches