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Lastly, as he had not yet been seen by thelaundress or her niece, he was to keep himself out of their view untilhis change of dress was made.

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She got tempoary glasses with prisms in them to help her eyes too

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It’s not the best experience for the senses, but it’s much better than sneezing, coughing and laying in bed for a couple of days or more.

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Once location has played out its magic, retailers tend to get squeezed in a business characterized by the infernal duo of low margin and high fixed cost

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in Europe in 2016. A cervixnyk kemotaktikus ingereivel irnytja a spermiumok befelé trtén

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Welch's advice: Go to the government's online heart-risk calculator at heart.org and see how much risk reduction you'll likely get from dropping your blood pressure a certain number of points

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"Drugs" as just a "high class" alcohol or tobacco, those are legalized drugs that also can get you addicted to or kill you.

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{a larger|a bigger} {amount|quantity}: {it all|everything|all of it} {depends on|depends upon|relies

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It is located along the national highway; just few kilometers out of the city.

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Dose, a tablespoonful several times a day

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